Deadlands Noir

Session 2 GM Recap

The Lady Vanishes

After a quiet week Grant Ross, one of Julien’s regular patients, mentioned that his sister, Emma, hadn’t come home last night. Julien pointed him towards Francis if he was concerned. Later that day, he arrived at Francis’ office somewhat more concerned – his sister hadn’t come home or gone to work that day. He had spoken to all her friends he could think of, although had never gotten along with her work friends so hadn’t spoken to them, and no one knew where she was.

The party went to City Hall where she worked to ask around and found out that she had a boyfriend she was keeping secret from her brother named Will Gretz. She was keeping him secret from her brother becuase she didn’t think he’d approve – he was a bit of a shyster. Francis got in touch with one of his police contacts and found out that he was known to the police as a snitch and got his address.

They arrived at his apartment to find it ransacked, but there found a couple of items of interest: A dirty smock from The Blessed Rest Retirement Home and a notebook open to a page with several 7 or 8 digit numbers written on it, some of them crossed out. While they were poking around two men who looked like Black Hand thugs turned up and gave them a ransom note, expecting them to deliver it to Gretz. They had until 9pm the next night to pay an undisclosed amount to get Emma back.

Sending Jimmy to scope out the address where she was being held, the rest of the party went to the retirement home. At the retirement home they found that Gretz used to work there but was fired a 4 months ago for being suspected of stealing medication. Jimmy found the address to be a deserted warehouse known to him to be a regular hideout for The Black Hand. In snooping around he alerted the guards to his presence and ran off.

That evening they went back together to see if they could rescue Emma. They hit upon a plan to offer their services in finding Gretz to the mobsters. This went as well as could be expected as Francis failed to form any rapport with the door guards and got told to shove off. At this point he concluded he would have no other choice than to magically blind the guards.


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