Deadlands Noir

Session 1 GM Recap

A curious box

The party were approached by a man clearly desperate for the urgent recovery of an item, which he believed was stolen from a murdered business partner by the Red Sect. The item was an ornate jewellery box with dragons carved into it.

The party went to investigate, interrogating the murderer by pretending to be the ghost of his victim and tracing the box to a warehouse currently occupied by some Red Sect goons. Bursting in and attacking, the party managed to retrieve the box and leave the warehouse just in time to hear both police and an aggressive, battered old car approaching. Another car drove up and its driver, a woman in a black duster, told them to get in. She informed them that she was after the box too and that it was in fact a device for containing demons though it was currently empty of them before being shot by the pursing car.

The party escaped as the police turned their attention to the shooter but crashed the car. They found credentials in her pocket identifying her as a member of “The Agency.” With some research they managed to establish that this was a secretive branch of the United States (as opposed to the Confederate States where they live) law enforcement.

They delivered the box to their employer and asked about the box. He claimed he was the last in a group of people trying to track down and incarcerate a particular demon who had been walking the Earth for years. They parted on bad terms, telling him that they would be informing The Agency that he had the box. He had no idea what the significance of this threat was. The party were unable to follow through, having no way to contact The Agency. Still, they got paid and $60 for one day’s work is pretty good going.

Ruby got home to find an old bottle of dusty, fine wine had been left outside her door. She ignored it and a few days later, Jimmy stole it.


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