Deadlands Noir

Session 9 GM Recap
End of part 1

Upon returning to dry land, Andrew Dauterive met the party. He spoke to them briefly, mentioning that the chemicals they had just destroyed were worth about $50,000 and pointing out that The Black Hand weren’t likely to let them off easily.

Returning home, Francis found a note from Christine saying that they had found finger prints on the nail and sent them off for analysis – a process which could take between a couple of days and a few weeks. The victim was also found to be one of Ruby’s neighbours. He then went out to try and make peace with The Black Hand, although he failed to find anyone willing to speak to him so instead he left a message for Angel Lombardi with a bouncer on a Black Hand club.

Ruby and Teddy went to pick up some of Ruby’s things from her apartment, to find that someone had gone through the building shooting people in their homes. Arriving at Ruby’s own apartment they found a statue of a woman who looked similar to Ruby had been placed in her house. It was wearing an outfit of real clothes very similar to Ruby’s own and a pair of tinted round spectacles. It had a cut about the length of a playing card in the centre of its forehead. The statue seemed to teleport up to Ruby and said “I’m coming for you Lafayette” before vanishing completely.

The police came and took Ruby away, suspected of the shooting. In custody, she was visited by a man claiming his name was John and that he was a lawyer. It transpired that he was not a lawyer, but that he knew something about this sentient statue. He said he and the statue used to be friends, but she had now had her body taken over by a demon. The demon it seemed, was particularly hard to kill. They once had an artefact to help deal with this, but it had been lost. After this, Ruby insisted that he leave at least for now.

A bribe later, and she was released but Sergeant John Rosenberg made clear that he was not pleased and seemed certain she was responsible.

Jimmy is back home, asleep. Teddy is on his way back to his room above the bar. Francis is waiting for a response from The Black Hand. Ruby is on her way back to Julien’s apartment and Julien is on his way to St Joanna’s Hospital.

The Black Hand aren’t happy with the party. The Black Veins continues to spread. And an immortal living statue seems to have a vendetta against Ruby.

End of part one. A hiatus follows as someone else takes over GMing for a while.

Session 8 GM Recap
Down on the Bayou

Jimmy returned home to find that his father had been struck down with The Black Veins and taken to St Joanna’s hospital. Despite it being the middle of the night, he went and woke Julien and Ruby thinking Julien might be able to heal his dad.

They went to St Joanna’s Hospital who were reluctant to wake up Jimmy’s father for them. Eventually they were persuaded to let them visit him. However, they were made to wait 20 minutes and the hospital staff were careful to prevent them coming near any other patients. Julien took some samples from him and Ruby tried to compile a map of places he had been recently to begin trying to find similarities between the infected. Jimmy spoke to his father then fell asleep at the end of the bed, worn out from his frantic work getting to see him.

The next morning, Francis got in touch with Christine Lynch to report a human heart “stolen”. He gave her the nail for tracing finger prints and Ruby’s address. Ruby then arrived at work to find the office trashed. She insisted she and Francis spend the morning tidying up. Along the way, Francis found an old news paper he had archived for some reason. An issue of The Tombstone Epitaph, an old gossip rag which claimed that Bayou Vermillion was using zombies to build its railroad.

They then decided to a mount an expedition to the one Bayou Vermillion property not bought by Hellstromme Industries, which had been used as a drainage location by the Confederate Government and was now a swamp.

Getting as close as they could on foot, they found a man living at the edge of the swamp. Their negotiations soured quickly and the party decided to strong arm him into helping rather than pay the $40 requested.

Their guide took them out to the abandoned rail yard. He stayed in the boat while the party went exploring. There they found a zombified giant crocodile and some bloated zombie corpses. After the crocodile nearly tore Francis’ arm off, the party managed to kill it using a combination of guns, magic, fists and bricks.

They found the missing four barrels of “Chemicals”, one of which had been smashed open and was leaking into the water. Julien and Francis both took samples and they decided to burn the rest. Hoping that they hadn’t released an airborne zombification gas, they set off back for dry land.

On the way back, Julien started coughing up blood and found he had black veins starting to develop on his arms. He cast dispel on himself and the veins seemed to go away. For now.

Session 7 GM Recap
A "Friend" in Need

In the wake of their discovery, Francis decided to round up the party and take the fight to The Red Sect. However, he was distracted by Thomas Glauser appearing on Julien’s doorstep where they had all assembled. He claimed that some people had broken into his apartment, stolen his keys and skinned Gretz alive there, leaving his skin behind. Glauser claimed to have been hiding under the bed, but that he had overheard them talking about the “big one” being a warehouse. He offered to pay Francis for meeting him there that night and investigating it further.

Suspicious of a trap, they agreed anyway. Francis then spent the rest of the day investigating the Bayou Vermillion. He discovered that when it went bankrupt, almost all of its property had been bought up by Hellstromme Industries and its subsidiaries. As had 48 of 52 barrels of something called simply “Chemicals” which they were prepared to pay large amounts for. The only property not bought by Hellstomme was seized by the government in 1899.

Upon first arriving at the warehouse all seemed fine, with Glauser standing at the far end of the room waving them in. However, once the door was shut behind them Red Sect cultists burst out and attacked. Then, a van arrived pouring zombies in behind them and a back room opened to let zombies attack from the front. Among them, a Tonton Macout, a special particularly tough breed of zombie wielding a machete.

Successfully defending themselves from the Zombie attack, the party took a brief minute to investigate, finding Glauser’s skin on the floor of a back room before running away from the approaching police force. Francis made a point of taking the Tonton Macout’s machete which he had inadvertently gotten covered in his fingerprints.

At home, Ruby found a new gift left on her doorstep. This time it was a fresh adult human heart that had been nailed to her door. Going to Julien’s office, she got him to come and take a look. He took the heart away and gave the nail to Francis, who he found in the bar. Francis agreed to get in touch with Chrstine the next day to see if he could turn up any pertinent information. Julien suggested that Ruby may want to move out of her apartment for the time being and offered her his couch.

Returning back to the office, Francis found the place ransacked with a man in a black suit and cowboy hat sat at his desk. The man denied responsibility for the mess and introduced himself as Texas Ranger Andrew Dauterive. Dauterive seems interested in Francis’ recent activities and pays him $20 for what he knows before leaving, saying that he expects they’ll meet again.

Session 6 GM Recap
A Chance in Hellstromme

After one last sweep of the railyard, which they found used to belong to a company called Bayou Vermillion. Jimmy torched the car with Gretz’s corpse in it and the party went home, Teddy volunteering to return the “borrowed” car.

The next morning Francis was visited by Angel Lombardi from the Black Hand, informing him that The Black Hand now regarded him liable for Gretz’s $15,000 debt. However, they were prepared to cut him a deal – Find what Gretz was looking for and hand it over and the debt will be considered paid. Francis didn’t agree, but The Black Hand don’t care. That’s the only deal they’ve offered.

Jimmy spent some time hanging out with The Black Hand, trying to find out more about this development while also being sure to be seen with them and not Francis. He established that they had pegged Francis, Ruby, Julien, and Teddy as working together, but not picked up on Jimmy being part of the crew yet.

Julien opened his surgery and was visited by an increasing number of victims of the strange disease and was informed that St Joanna’s Hospital had been opened especially for plague victims and that victims should be sent there.

Francis spent the day following up his leads. He called Christine and got her to run a check on the number plate from the night before, finding it to be information classified to even the police. Francis assumed that this meant it belong to a Texas Ranger, but didn’t manage to find much more information about them.

Francis also visted Emma and gave her the bad news about Gretz before going to visit Dr Kettensage at The Blessed Rest Retirement Home. He was a friendly old man, very keen to talk about his experiences killing supernatural creatures, to the point where he would sidetrack almost any conversation with a rambling, embellished or completely false, story. Around these stories, Francis was able to extract some information too. Gretz apparently played chess with him while working there and often asked him something about zombies.

Francis and Jimmy got some zombie lore from Julien, learning that if you can make them face the sea the spell will be broken.

Francis did some initial research into Bayou Vermillion, establishing that it was a major railway company in the rail wars of the 1860s, eventually losing the competition to build a cross-continental railroad to Hellstromme Industries in the 1870s. Bayou Vermillion filed for bankruptcy in 1899. Before he could go into further detail, he was distracted by a new job.

Andrew Leonheart hired Francis to investigate a couple of break ins in recent nights. One turned out to be Jimmy’s own break in, the other was an oddly inexplicable break in into the main office archive rooms with no sign of the lock being forced or picked. Everyone with a key still had it and had an alibi except for one, Thomas Glauser, who hadn’t turned up to work that day.

The party went to visit Glauser’s apartment, Francis talked the superintended into letting him into Glauser’s apartment and also got the news that he had been visited by a man fitting Gretz’s description the night before. Meanwhile, Jimmy broke in the back.

Jimmy got a look on his own, finding a blood soaked bed with a pile of skin stuffed under it. He used some tongs to pull it out, then ran away to be sick and hide from Francis coming in with Leonheart and the superintendent. Leaving the tongs behind him and covered in fingerprints.

The superintendent insisted on involving the police, bringing Francis’ involvement in the case to the end. After giving a statement to the police, Francis met back up with Jimmy and Julien. Jimmy raised a concern that Francis might have been taken over by the creature before they convinced him that he might have been. At this, Jimmy ran off to look at the sea to break any spells.

Session 5 GM Recap
Lost Love

Following the death of Dawn Bleeker, the party had a relatively quiet week although Julien had a few interesting visitors.

A Disease of the Blood

Julien was visited first by the man who brought him the black-veined patient who apologised for his earlier behaviour then by the police who’s coroner found Julien’s patient very suspicious. Apparently she had been dead for weeks and the police suspected it may be the work of the voodoo Julien is rumoured to practice.

Julien was then visited by a couple more victims of the illness and worked closely with the police to try and explain it, crossing him off their list of suspects. Doing some research on a patient, he found that the veins were full of dried blood that contained significant amounts of the usual magic Julien found before. It seemed it had been dry for weeks. Dispelling the magic didn’t get rid of all of the arcane properties, but did cause the blood to return to liquid form.

The police said they would try to find a location to quarantine victims and asked Julien for any further support he could provide. Apparently the outbreak was worst in the Treme district.

Francis was approached by a Mrs Derham who believed she was being haunted, but with the help of Jimmy he came to the conclusion that she was not and charged her for a day’s investigation but encouraged her to get back in touch if she wanted him to do more work for her.

Ruby was offered a contract to kill a Theodore Veorman but turned it down when she couldn’t find any details about the man.


Emma Ross got in touch with Francis, saying Gretz is back and spending a lot of time in the City Hall records department. However, he was ignoring her and she was concerned that he was in some sort of trouble.

The party looked up some of the same files as Gretz and established that he was looking into properties owned by Hellstromme Industries, a major technology company with a significant New Orleans presence. Francis noticed that some of the reference numbers for the property records matched the numbers found in Gretz’s apartment. Investigating one of these properties, a warehouse, they found it well protected but Jimmy eventually broke in and found a load of papers, a car key, and another key.

Staking out City Hall while Gretz was there, Francis and Teddy managed to follow Gretz to a Red Sect hideout before he got in a car and lost them. Hunting down the car attached to Jimmy’s key, the party acquired a car and returned to staking out City Hall, allowing them to follow Gretz to an abandoned train yard.

They lost Gretz but were able to search his car. Inside, they found some papers. Among the papers they found the name Dr. V. Kettens├Ąge along with the address of the Blessed Rest retirement home. They also found a map with some properties around the city marked on it, including the one they were at. They also found the weeks-old corpse of Gretz, murdered and skinned without supernatural help.

A car which they were unsure how long it had been there drove off in the distance, with the silhouette of a man in a cowboy hat visible. Who was the Gretz look-alike? Was he now driving off in a cowboy hat? And who is Dr. Kettens├Ąge?

Session 4 GM Recap
A Missing Box

The party had a relatively quiet week following the Emma Ross case a;though somde things of note happened. Ruby found a bunch of roses with razors concealed inside on her doorstep and Julien was brought a patient with a bizarre illness. It wa ssupernatural in nature and when he attempted to magically heal her, she died. The man who brought her in seemed to blame him and stormed out. Julien suspected this was the almost mythical Blood Magic.

After this week, Francis heard that Andrew Kendall, the man who hired them to find a box, had been murdered. Looking into it, Francis came to the conclusion that the box had been stolen from his home.

Francis was later approached by Dawn Bleeker, a witness to the murder who seemed concerned that the police were not taking an active interest in the case or her safety. It seems the police were told to let it go, implying whoever was behind it had enough clout that even clean cops weren’t interested in pursing the case because justice would never be served.

With some investigating, they came to the conclusion that the murderer was the hit man Leon Hertz, who Teddy is hunting to try and avenge the murder of his wife. It also seemed that The Black Hand had taken an interest.

The party were attacked by a gang of Black Hand thugs while Leon tried and failed to quietly assassinate Dawn. Quickly dispatching the thugs, Teddy went to try and beat Leon to death. After a difficult fight, Teddy eventually got a good hit on Leon and made him run away.

The party took Dawn home and took shifts guarding her apartment from the outside. A thug approached the aprtment early in the evening but was chased off by Teddy. However, the next morning they found Dawn with her throat slit in bed. Evidently someone had managed to sneak past them in the night.

The box is missing. The Black Hand is even more angry with the party. Two people are dead. And the client is in no state to pay them for their services.

Session 3 GM Recap
The Lady is Found

Teddy and Francis made quick work of the door guards and then the party attempted to sneak into the warehouse to rescue Emma. Unfortunately, Julien and Francis both made too much noise and alerted the guards to their presence.

A shoot-out ensued where Teddy took several bullets but kept on fighting, going so far as to use one of them as a club to hit two of the others. When the dust settled, they found Angel Lombardi guarding Emma. Lombardi is a bookie for The Black Hand with a high opinion of himself, but seeing himself defeated agreed to let them take the girl if he was allowed to leave safely.

Emma and Grant were both grateful for the party’s efforts and paid in full. Emma also offered to provide her help looking up anything she can in the City Hall in the future.

Session 2 GM Recap
The Lady Vanishes

After a quiet week Grant Ross, one of Julien’s regular patients, mentioned that his sister, Emma, hadn’t come home last night. Julien pointed him towards Francis if he was concerned. Later that day, he arrived at Francis’ office somewhat more concerned – his sister hadn’t come home or gone to work that day. He had spoken to all her friends he could think of, although had never gotten along with her work friends so hadn’t spoken to them, and no one knew where she was.

The party went to City Hall where she worked to ask around and found out that she had a boyfriend she was keeping secret from her brother named Will Gretz. She was keeping him secret from her brother becuase she didn’t think he’d approve – he was a bit of a shyster. Francis got in touch with one of his police contacts and found out that he was known to the police as a snitch and got his address.

They arrived at his apartment to find it ransacked, but there found a couple of items of interest: A dirty smock from The Blessed Rest Retirement Home and a notebook open to a page with several 7 or 8 digit numbers written on it, some of them crossed out. While they were poking around two men who looked like Black Hand thugs turned up and gave them a ransom note, expecting them to deliver it to Gretz. They had until 9pm the next night to pay an undisclosed amount to get Emma back.

Sending Jimmy to scope out the address where she was being held, the rest of the party went to the retirement home. At the retirement home they found that Gretz used to work there but was fired a 4 months ago for being suspected of stealing medication. Jimmy found the address to be a deserted warehouse known to him to be a regular hideout for The Black Hand. In snooping around he alerted the guards to his presence and ran off.

That evening they went back together to see if they could rescue Emma. They hit upon a plan to offer their services in finding Gretz to the mobsters. This went as well as could be expected as Francis failed to form any rapport with the door guards and got told to shove off. At this point he concluded he would have no other choice than to magically blind the guards.

Session 1 GM Recap
A curious box

The party were approached by a man clearly desperate for the urgent recovery of an item, which he believed was stolen from a murdered business partner by the Red Sect. The item was an ornate jewellery box with dragons carved into it.

The party went to investigate, interrogating the murderer by pretending to be the ghost of his victim and tracing the box to a warehouse currently occupied by some Red Sect goons. Bursting in and attacking, the party managed to retrieve the box and leave the warehouse just in time to hear both police and an aggressive, battered old car approaching. Another car drove up and its driver, a woman in a black duster, told them to get in. She informed them that she was after the box too and that it was in fact a device for containing demons though it was currently empty of them before being shot by the pursing car.

The party escaped as the police turned their attention to the shooter but crashed the car. They found credentials in her pocket identifying her as a member of “The Agency.” With some research they managed to establish that this was a secretive branch of the United States (as opposed to the Confederate States where they live) law enforcement.

They delivered the box to their employer and asked about the box. He claimed he was the last in a group of people trying to track down and incarcerate a particular demon who had been walking the Earth for years. They parted on bad terms, telling him that they would be informing The Agency that he had the box. He had no idea what the significance of this threat was. The party were unable to follow through, having no way to contact The Agency. Still, they got paid and $60 for one day’s work is pretty good going.

Ruby got home to find an old bottle of dusty, fine wine had been left outside her door. She ignored it and a few days later, Jimmy stole it.

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