Deadlands Noir

Session 9 GM Recap

End of part 1

Upon returning to dry land, Andrew Dauterive met the party. He spoke to them briefly, mentioning that the chemicals they had just destroyed were worth about $50,000 and pointing out that The Black Hand weren’t likely to let them off easily.

Returning home, Francis found a note from Christine saying that they had found finger prints on the nail and sent them off for analysis – a process which could take between a couple of days and a few weeks. The victim was also found to be one of Ruby’s neighbours. He then went out to try and make peace with The Black Hand, although he failed to find anyone willing to speak to him so instead he left a message for Angel Lombardi with a bouncer on a Black Hand club.

Ruby and Teddy went to pick up some of Ruby’s things from her apartment, to find that someone had gone through the building shooting people in their homes. Arriving at Ruby’s own apartment they found a statue of a woman who looked similar to Ruby had been placed in her house. It was wearing an outfit of real clothes very similar to Ruby’s own and a pair of tinted round spectacles. It had a cut about the length of a playing card in the centre of its forehead. The statue seemed to teleport up to Ruby and said “I’m coming for you Lafayette” before vanishing completely.

The police came and took Ruby away, suspected of the shooting. In custody, she was visited by a man claiming his name was John and that he was a lawyer. It transpired that he was not a lawyer, but that he knew something about this sentient statue. He said he and the statue used to be friends, but she had now had her body taken over by a demon. The demon it seemed, was particularly hard to kill. They once had an artefact to help deal with this, but it had been lost. After this, Ruby insisted that he leave at least for now.

A bribe later, and she was released but Sergeant John Rosenberg made clear that he was not pleased and seemed certain she was responsible.

Jimmy is back home, asleep. Teddy is on his way back to his room above the bar. Francis is waiting for a response from The Black Hand. Ruby is on her way back to Julien’s apartment and Julien is on his way to St Joanna’s Hospital.

The Black Hand aren’t happy with the party. The Black Veins continues to spread. And an immortal living statue seems to have a vendetta against Ruby.

End of part one. A hiatus follows as someone else takes over GMing for a while.


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