Deadlands Noir

Session 8 GM Recap

Down on the Bayou

Jimmy returned home to find that his father had been struck down with The Black Veins and taken to St Joanna’s hospital. Despite it being the middle of the night, he went and woke Julien and Ruby thinking Julien might be able to heal his dad.

They went to St Joanna’s Hospital who were reluctant to wake up Jimmy’s father for them. Eventually they were persuaded to let them visit him. However, they were made to wait 20 minutes and the hospital staff were careful to prevent them coming near any other patients. Julien took some samples from him and Ruby tried to compile a map of places he had been recently to begin trying to find similarities between the infected. Jimmy spoke to his father then fell asleep at the end of the bed, worn out from his frantic work getting to see him.

The next morning, Francis got in touch with Christine Lynch to report a human heart “stolen”. He gave her the nail for tracing finger prints and Ruby’s address. Ruby then arrived at work to find the office trashed. She insisted she and Francis spend the morning tidying up. Along the way, Francis found an old news paper he had archived for some reason. An issue of The Tombstone Epitaph, an old gossip rag which claimed that Bayou Vermillion was using zombies to build its railroad.

They then decided to a mount an expedition to the one Bayou Vermillion property not bought by Hellstromme Industries, which had been used as a drainage location by the Confederate Government and was now a swamp.

Getting as close as they could on foot, they found a man living at the edge of the swamp. Their negotiations soured quickly and the party decided to strong arm him into helping rather than pay the $40 requested.

Their guide took them out to the abandoned rail yard. He stayed in the boat while the party went exploring. There they found a zombified giant crocodile and some bloated zombie corpses. After the crocodile nearly tore Francis’ arm off, the party managed to kill it using a combination of guns, magic, fists and bricks.

They found the missing four barrels of “Chemicals”, one of which had been smashed open and was leaking into the water. Julien and Francis both took samples and they decided to burn the rest. Hoping that they hadn’t released an airborne zombification gas, they set off back for dry land.

On the way back, Julien started coughing up blood and found he had black veins starting to develop on his arms. He cast dispel on himself and the veins seemed to go away. For now.


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