Deadlands Noir

Session 7 GM Recap

A "Friend" in Need

In the wake of their discovery, Francis decided to round up the party and take the fight to The Red Sect. However, he was distracted by Thomas Glauser appearing on Julien’s doorstep where they had all assembled. He claimed that some people had broken into his apartment, stolen his keys and skinned Gretz alive there, leaving his skin behind. Glauser claimed to have been hiding under the bed, but that he had overheard them talking about the “big one” being a warehouse. He offered to pay Francis for meeting him there that night and investigating it further.

Suspicious of a trap, they agreed anyway. Francis then spent the rest of the day investigating the Bayou Vermillion. He discovered that when it went bankrupt, almost all of its property had been bought up by Hellstromme Industries and its subsidiaries. As had 48 of 52 barrels of something called simply “Chemicals” which they were prepared to pay large amounts for. The only property not bought by Hellstomme was seized by the government in 1899.

Upon first arriving at the warehouse all seemed fine, with Glauser standing at the far end of the room waving them in. However, once the door was shut behind them Red Sect cultists burst out and attacked. Then, a van arrived pouring zombies in behind them and a back room opened to let zombies attack from the front. Among them, a Tonton Macout, a special particularly tough breed of zombie wielding a machete.

Successfully defending themselves from the Zombie attack, the party took a brief minute to investigate, finding Glauser’s skin on the floor of a back room before running away from the approaching police force. Francis made a point of taking the Tonton Macout’s machete which he had inadvertently gotten covered in his fingerprints.

At home, Ruby found a new gift left on her doorstep. This time it was a fresh adult human heart that had been nailed to her door. Going to Julien’s office, she got him to come and take a look. He took the heart away and gave the nail to Francis, who he found in the bar. Francis agreed to get in touch with Chrstine the next day to see if he could turn up any pertinent information. Julien suggested that Ruby may want to move out of her apartment for the time being and offered her his couch.

Returning back to the office, Francis found the place ransacked with a man in a black suit and cowboy hat sat at his desk. The man denied responsibility for the mess and introduced himself as Texas Ranger Andrew Dauterive. Dauterive seems interested in Francis’ recent activities and pays him $20 for what he knows before leaving, saying that he expects they’ll meet again.


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