Deadlands Noir

Session 4 GM Recap

A Missing Box

The party had a relatively quiet week following the Emma Ross case a;though somde things of note happened. Ruby found a bunch of roses with razors concealed inside on her doorstep and Julien was brought a patient with a bizarre illness. It wa ssupernatural in nature and when he attempted to magically heal her, she died. The man who brought her in seemed to blame him and stormed out. Julien suspected this was the almost mythical Blood Magic.

After this week, Francis heard that Andrew Kendall, the man who hired them to find a box, had been murdered. Looking into it, Francis came to the conclusion that the box had been stolen from his home.

Francis was later approached by Dawn Bleeker, a witness to the murder who seemed concerned that the police were not taking an active interest in the case or her safety. It seems the police were told to let it go, implying whoever was behind it had enough clout that even clean cops weren’t interested in pursing the case because justice would never be served.

With some investigating, they came to the conclusion that the murderer was the hit man Leon Hertz, who Teddy is hunting to try and avenge the murder of his wife. It also seemed that The Black Hand had taken an interest.

The party were attacked by a gang of Black Hand thugs while Leon tried and failed to quietly assassinate Dawn. Quickly dispatching the thugs, Teddy went to try and beat Leon to death. After a difficult fight, Teddy eventually got a good hit on Leon and made him run away.

The party took Dawn home and took shifts guarding her apartment from the outside. A thug approached the aprtment early in the evening but was chased off by Teddy. However, the next morning they found Dawn with her throat slit in bed. Evidently someone had managed to sneak past them in the night.

The box is missing. The Black Hand is even more angry with the party. Two people are dead. And the client is in no state to pay them for their services.


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