Deadlands Noir

Session 3 GM Recap

The Lady is Found

Teddy and Francis made quick work of the door guards and then the party attempted to sneak into the warehouse to rescue Emma. Unfortunately, Julien and Francis both made too much noise and alerted the guards to their presence.

A shoot-out ensued where Teddy took several bullets but kept on fighting, going so far as to use one of them as a club to hit two of the others. When the dust settled, they found Angel Lombardi guarding Emma. Lombardi is a bookie for The Black Hand with a high opinion of himself, but seeing himself defeated agreed to let them take the girl if he was allowed to leave safely.

Emma and Grant were both grateful for the party’s efforts and paid in full. Emma also offered to provide her help looking up anything she can in the City Hall in the future.


Jimmy meanwhile snuck off to do some thieving, I mean sleuthing. He found $5, a bottle of whisky, a loaded pistol and a rather fancy hat. Unfortunately the whisky bottle was later used to smash in one of the goons heads while Mr Viltz took the pistol off of him. He got to keep the hat though, and even got paid a couple of dollars.

Session 3 GM Recap
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