Deadlands Noir

Session 5 GM Recap

Lost Love

Following the death of Dawn Bleeker, the party had a relatively quiet week although Julien had a few interesting visitors.

A Disease of the Blood

Julien was visited first by the man who brought him the black-veined patient who apologised for his earlier behaviour then by the police who’s coroner found Julien’s patient very suspicious. Apparently she had been dead for weeks and the police suspected it may be the work of the voodoo Julien is rumoured to practice.

Julien was then visited by a couple more victims of the illness and worked closely with the police to try and explain it, crossing him off their list of suspects. Doing some research on a patient, he found that the veins were full of dried blood that contained significant amounts of the usual magic Julien found before. It seemed it had been dry for weeks. Dispelling the magic didn’t get rid of all of the arcane properties, but did cause the blood to return to liquid form.

The police said they would try to find a location to quarantine victims and asked Julien for any further support he could provide. Apparently the outbreak was worst in the Treme district.

Francis was approached by a Mrs Derham who believed she was being haunted, but with the help of Jimmy he came to the conclusion that she was not and charged her for a day’s investigation but encouraged her to get back in touch if she wanted him to do more work for her.

Ruby was offered a contract to kill a Theodore Veorman but turned it down when she couldn’t find any details about the man.


Emma Ross got in touch with Francis, saying Gretz is back and spending a lot of time in the City Hall records department. However, he was ignoring her and she was concerned that he was in some sort of trouble.

The party looked up some of the same files as Gretz and established that he was looking into properties owned by Hellstromme Industries, a major technology company with a significant New Orleans presence. Francis noticed that some of the reference numbers for the property records matched the numbers found in Gretz’s apartment. Investigating one of these properties, a warehouse, they found it well protected but Jimmy eventually broke in and found a load of papers, a car key, and another key.

Staking out City Hall while Gretz was there, Francis and Teddy managed to follow Gretz to a Red Sect hideout before he got in a car and lost them. Hunting down the car attached to Jimmy’s key, the party acquired a car and returned to staking out City Hall, allowing them to follow Gretz to an abandoned train yard.

They lost Gretz but were able to search his car. Inside, they found some papers. Among the papers they found the name Dr. V. Kettens├Ąge along with the address of the Blessed Rest retirement home. They also found a map with some properties around the city marked on it, including the one they were at. They also found the weeks-old corpse of Gretz, murdered and skinned without supernatural help.

A car which they were unsure how long it had been there drove off in the distance, with the silhouette of a man in a cowboy hat visible. Who was the Gretz look-alike? Was he now driving off in a cowboy hat? And who is Dr. Kettens├Ąge?


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